Happy Easter

I wish everyone a Happy Easter! 

I know you all have been waiting for the next update, and unfortunately, I still cannot tell you a release date. I am still making some progress, but it is awful slow at the moment. The reason is basically real life. 

I started a new job in February, and ever since, I do not have the energy to be creative after work. Plus, I have to travel a lot more, and of course, I cannot render while staying at a hotel. I hope this changes once I get home without the impression my head is just overflowing with all the information I had to process that day. 

So thank you all for your patience, and have a great holiday!


bound-to-college-win.zip 1 GB
Version 21 Jan 19, 2022
BoundToCollege-0.43-linux.tar.bz2 1 GB
Version 9 Jan 19, 2022
pridedrawing.bound2college-release.apk 1 GB
Version 12 Jan 14, 2022
bound-to-college-mac.zip 1 GB
Version 19 Jan 19, 2022

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Does anyone know if the game is still being worked on or if it's been abandoned? I haven't seen anything in a while and I don't have discord. 

Hope the job is going well, did send you birthday wishes on facebook, was a day late sorry lol

Hi Jay, good to hear from you. I did not see your message. Thank you.

No worries, I'm now a night shift receptionist at a high end hotel myself, I know how new jobs can be, I hope yours is everything you wanted it to be, even if it gives you less free time.


Awww it's okay. We will always wait. Thank uu so much for confirming. Please stay healthy and don't force yourself too much <3

Thank you!!!