Happy New Year to all of you! 

Just a little Hotfix. You could end up in an endless loop at a certain path. And the "dog's" identity is not any longer revealed ahead of time. 

I hope you all had a wonderful start in 2022, and I wish you all the best. 

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Version 20 Jan 01, 2022
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Version 8 Jan 01, 2022 1 GB
Version 18 Jan 01, 2022

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Hey there, stumbled across this game the other day and I'm a fan of your work. 

Love the detailed graphics, storyline & vast amount of love interests to explore - hopefully the main character will be able to romance more than one simultaneously.

Please, take your time in creating this masterpiece because I'd love to download the full version whenever finished.


Thank you! I‘ll do my best. :-)


Discovered this game the other day and I must say I’m super impressed! Fantastic character, interesting story and obviously all the fun that can be had! 
Looking forward to seeing what happens next, is there any idea of when an update may next be coming to advance everything? I’m looking forward to it! Great job! 


Thank you so much for your comment! Comments like yours really is what keeps me going. I am making progress, but I really cannot say yet when the next update will be released.

Happy to keep you motivated :) I mean it, amazing work and I am loving what you've put out so far. Can't wait to see what the future update brings. Whenever that may be, I look forward to it. Keep up the awesome job :)

Good story. I grew to hate some characters, sympathize and empathize with others, and fear some. Although, some of the choices' consequences feel...non existent as if one choice was never made or we pressed another choice.

Some consequences of your choices are rather subtle, many only come to affect you at a later stage of the game. And some, like the decision to turn the webcam off, or leave it on, will have its consequences in a future release. Nevertheless, I would be interested to know at which decisions concretely you had this feeling.

Download failed in Android please i need  a help

Hello! The game's great so far! But may I ask how I could install these updates? And will installing said updates erase my current game data? Thank you! :D

Hi Xylrad, thank you for your feedback. You should be able to overwrite your old data. Your savegames should stay, but you should use a savegame before the Afterparty. Otherwise, you might run into some issues.