Finally - another update

Just before the new year, I am very happy to bring you the newest episode of Bound to College! The Afterparty finally ends the next morning, which starts differently, depending on what happened the night before. 

Furthermore, you are about to witness an important moment in Ned's life, which is going to change him forever. And you get to meet Zen, who did have a short appearance in one of the Afterparty paths already, but there is more to him than meets the eye.

A special thanks to Jay4Ryan, who came up with the idea and also did write the storyline.

Let there be music!

Besides that, you quickly will notice the new music, provided by V.G. Redguard (a.k.a. DeathbyHope)

It really adds a lot of atmosphere to the game and I am very grateful for his support. Not only did he find the license-free music files, but also implemented them into the game. A list of the used files can be found in the credits. 

What's else?

Again, a lot of bug fixes have been done. Besides that, two new Gallery items have been added, but to unlock them, I used a different mechanic this time. I do not want to spoiler it. And because of that, the images are no longer visible in the game directory, as well as the code. You will have to find it by yourself. If you could have seen the images, you would have immediately known, what to do.

Thank you!

The little test project, I started a year ago, continues to grow. I would like to thank you all for your ongoing support and also your patience!

Happy New Year!

The year is about to end and I wish all of you a happy new year. May your wishes come true and more important than everything else: stay healthy.

Files 1 GB
Version 19 Dec 30, 2021
BoundToCollege-0.41-linux.tar.bz2 1 GB
Version 7 Dec 30, 2021
pridedrawing.bound2college-release.apk 1 GB
Version 10 Dec 30, 2021 1 GB
Version 17 Dec 30, 2021

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I really love your game but I don't know if I have the latest update or not. The last thing I have is when I leave Ron and Julian as they refused that I join them and it shows the end.

Is it really the last thing for the moment or am I unable to see the latest update?

The last version is where you wake up with Ron in the morning after the party. It's been a while since the last release, I know.

Oh, I don't have this scene though, it only finishes after I leave them both and the camera's recording (Ron & Julian).

Yeah, I know how much effort you put into this! Wish you good luck!

For the game, as I told you that's the last scene I have, I don't have a scene where I wake up with Ron. Is it because I don't have the last update (and there are lots of things I missed between the last scene I have and the scene you described) or there is not much to see and the scene you told is just following what I have?

 Btw, the version I can download is version 21  Jan 19, 2022.

And I'm so sorry for disturbing you. I appreciate your response and your time! ;)

Sorry for the late reply. But your version should be the last one. There are many different routes though. Maybe try another playthrough? Your decisions have a big impact and might lead to very different settings and content...

can you post the link again?

It is the same version as the one you can download here on It should work now. If not, please tell me.

Download failed in Android

My internet are stable,more space in my storage and completely remove the old version 0.25 .

Please help me!


I have uploaded the android version again here on and also here:

I hope this solves your issue.

Yes thank you .its really worked

your game is the best :)

Thank you! :-)

(2 edits)

I try to dowload New version of Bound to Collage in Android but its always failed. Its better to offer download link in Mega to download it completely. Please fix it and help me to download it complete.I really like your game 

Thank you. Please tell me if a different browser solved the issue. I am going to provide a different link shortly anyway.

i tried it in any browser but it always failed

I think the link are broken in AAndroid

(1 edit)

When the Apk download start and close to end it always said download failed,i cant even find the files when its failed. Very annoying because i wait along time beggining and when its close to last 20 mins of download its always failed. Many times i try it to download but always failed in chrome

Try a different browser. Another user had the same issue with Chrome.

I try it in Opera but same failed


Dont like the french translation. Can i suggest you a french translation for Jupiter chapter?

Hello Sined292, 

I don't speak French myself. The French translation is done by volunteers. Any help is welcome, so if you want to participate, please get in touch with me or the moderators on my discord server.

I also have an error on this one. Can't launch the game at all. Says the "label start=" is missing.

If you have updated the game, try to delete all *.rpyc files (including the subfolders).

(2 edits)

Its actually the first time I downlaod it. When I extract it I get a "corrupted file" error. I've downloaded it twice so far.

EDIT: I fixed it (?), instead of using Chrome for the download I used Opera a few moments ago, and it was no longer corrupted. 

I am happy to hear that. I hope you like the game. And I wish you a happy new year!

There appears to be something wrong with this update. When I try to continue with the most recent save, the error message comes up and when I ignore it, it takes me to the beginning of the game.

You need to play through the afterparty again, otherwise it might not work. Can you try an earlier one and tell me, if the problem persists? Thank you.