Patreon Version Live

Hello everyone, 

I have good and bad news.

The good news first:

I just uploaded the Patreon version of the next update. So it should be available to the public shortly.

It contains a complete overhaul of all the music files. I think it is a great improvement. Big "Thank you!" to Vincent, who took the effort and came up with all this free and wonderful music, matching all the different locations and situations. Really good work! Thank you so much!

On top of that I have already started with other content to be delivered. Especially Zen is going to have an impact there. It is not nearly finished though. There is a lot of bugfixing going on and a lot of other stuff.

The Bad News: 

The new update is much shorter than all the previous ones. I suffered the loss of my mother lately and have to take care of my father now as much as I can, since still working full time. So there is even less time left to work on a fun project like this. So despite the two month since the last release, I do not have much to show you here.

Still the music really adds to the experience in my opinion.

Regarding the content, I have added just the next morning, where you again interact with Ron, based on your previous decisions.

A big "Thank you" to Animega, helping with the dialogues. 

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its all good, do we need to dowload the game aging or dose it update automatically?

You need to download it.

i mean redownloade i have a copy already from last update just wondering if i have to keep earasing then redownloaded each time its updated

I usually separate my saves folder from the old version, delete the old version and add the saves from my old version to the new version. Hope that made sense lol.

You should be able to just overwrite it. Your save-games should still be there. 


Don't worry, short or not, anything with Ron in it is a good thing, you say you don't have much to show, but you show heart and dedication, hope your personal life works out :)