German Version update

This is just a minor update with some more bug-fixes, and the German translation is now complete again. 

Special Thanks to Tarungo for providing it. 

There is a new background animation for the main menu as well. I am not totally happy with it, so it might get another update as well. I just wanted him to stand and act more natural, but it turned out to be a real hassle, especially because of the handcuffs glitching around...

Still I hope this will do for now and I also started to work at the next scene.  

Thank you all for your support once more!

Files 1 GB
Version 18 Aug 08, 2021
BoundToCollege-0.3013-linux.tar.bz2 1 GB
Version 6 Aug 08, 2021
pridedrawing.bound2college-3013-universal-release.apk 1 GB
Version 9 Aug 08, 2021 1 GB
Version 16 Aug 08, 2021

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Don't forget to transfer your saves from the previous version, glad I kept both :)