New Board - Lost comments

All your comments are gone!

Many of you commented on my game and I enjoyed it very much to read and answer all your comments and suggestions. So many comments came in over the time, I considered it to be a good idea to organise them more with a forum, which is being offered by 

Unfortunately it seems like all your comments has been deleted by doing so. 

So for everyone who left their feedback at my page, I am very sorry. I hope the new forum will fill up soon with some of your kind comments. Just now, your comments and feedback might be deleted, but not lost. For every single one of them encouraged me to continue with the project and just l made me happy. 

Thank you all so much. I will work extra hard to get the next update finished in time.  

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We wrote comments, you answered to them and everybody was happy. I don't think that something is really lost here. The important thing is that you are doing a great job! 


Thank you so much! :-D


It's okay all the comments are gone. You are doing an excellent job on this game 💕♥️


You are too kind!


Thanks, you are most welcome! Keep up the great work!!!

Its fine that the board is wiped. You're doing an absolutely great job on the game and in time more will come :)
I await the new update in bursting anticipation!

Working on it as fast as I can. Hope to be able to release it in time... :-) 

I'll comment, the memories are in the game for me, the problems getting it to work because of missing DLL files, the kind support that was offered and the community for this game are all great.

Glad I finally got the DLL's and got it working, because it still is my favorite game to play on PC not just itch.

Thank you.


Hi Jay, 

thank you so much for all your support and help!

You're the best!

Nah, You're the best, I just follow ;)