Still working at it!

Hello my dear follower, 

the next chapter is still in development. Still, I wanted to give you a short update about the progress. Just if you wonder: yes I am still working at it and I am sorry it takes so long. Let me tell you why this is the case.


If you did not play the party scene, better stop reading now! 

I will try not to spoiler too much though.

In the last update, we have been at the party and it has been a very eventful night. Not only did we meet new people and could have been joined Max and Vincent for a private party, but we also might have discovered something is odd with Julian and Ron. 

There are already a lot of mights and maybes here, so I must take this into account for the next chapter, where you head home together with Ron and Julian. Depending on your choices, Ron might be in a very different condition. This results in very different scenarios and therefore alternate paths.  

The good news

The way back to the dorm and the prequel to the chapter as well as two alternate paths are already finished. They have even an animation in it (each). 

And this is not all! The interface got a whole new appearance. The additional translations are making good progress. We added a new, general path for Ned, so you can now keep him in a friend-zone instead of having him either go all relationship or all crazy. 

The bad news

But there are at least three (!) more paths to do. So unfortunately, the next update will still take some time. 

Like every previous update, this one is once again the biggest one I did so far. So, in consequence, it will take some more time again. I still cannot even estimate the amount of time still needed. I would guess, maybe half of the chapter is done by now. 

More good news

If you cannot wait, you can playtest the already finished parts of the next chapter. To do so, you need to become a Patreon. Even the 1€ pledge gives you access to it already, so the investment is reasonable, I think. Even if you cancel the pledge immediately, you will keep access to the beta version. 

Additionally, I made some wallpaper with different characters for the different pledges. 

And to say "thank you" for your patience I made a free wallpaper for you: 

Get a free wallpaper at my Discord page

Once again I would like to thank you all for your support and patience. The discord server continues to grow as well. We are a "community server" now and I presume, it will not take long until we hit the 1.000 members. I am really happy to see, how many people enjoy this game and kind of proud what a supportive and nice community has been established. 

I cannot wait to show you all the new game chapter, the new interface, and all the minor and major changes to come with the next update. 

So please stay with me and I hope to see you soon in the comments, the discord, or at Patreon. 

Thank you.

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I really like the game can someone tell me when the update come out pls I really want to know what happens next

I should be able to release another partial update this weekend for Patreons. The next big Update should be finished by next month.

had so much fun playing this and really excited to see what else is to come

Thank you so much! I have a lot plan, so there is a lot to come. 


take your time we are eager for more but better to do a good job then rush job like sex slow is often better

Thank you. I think you gonna enjoy the next chapter. 

If anyone wants to share their past, loves, crushes,when yu new you were gay, coming out etc my email is

Note to pridedrawing, if you mind this post feel free to delete it, but I'd love to share stories, see how many of us had similar paths.


Interesting. I am sure, you are not the only one interested in this. I will create a "psychology-class" channel (or a similar name) at my discord, for people to share it. I think this is might be interesting. 

Well i'll start here to help, I 1st think I knew I was gay before I knew about almost anything, i was 8 and boys and girls changed together (to underwear) for P.E. and I realised I started being a lot more interested in the boys bodies then perhaps I thought I should, took a couple more years to piece things together, but that is my 1st memory that something "clicked" that I was gay.

Glad you like the idea, I wasn't sure tagging to you was appropriate, but the game idea is growing up gay, so I just thought it fit.


And of course the Ron wallpaper works for me on Patreon now and Discord has decided to be blocked, can't wait to sort it out.


Forgot to mention, the new updates sound great (when I get it working), not been here much, just had a month in hospital with major surgery, again, recovering now, so i'll be following closely until I get it to work for me :), pridedrawing, fel free to emai me your experiences if you wish to share, until I get things working, it was an idea based on a reply you had to one of my comments many weeks ago about my 1st "love chance" Ryan.


Because I can't seem to get to discord, i'll tell people what happened after I was 8 on mail for now, you can discord it for me if you like, next awakening happened when i was 10 though, just to let you know.


Thank you for the friend-zone path with Ned! I like him as a character, but don't want to date him. After going through all the available content and replaying what is already out multiple times, I was getting tired of Ned being a brat just because I flirted with someone who wasn't him.

Yes, you have not been the only one with this issue. I was not able to change the overall story of course, but I hope it is a bit more balanced now. 

I got Discord working, just blocked on Patreon now, pity, but when I've got the cash I'm getting my Ron nude wallpaper lol, just so sick of all the blocked sites, can't even access windows update to play the game, as I'm hoping that will work, keep it going my friend, I know it's not quite enough yet, but yu have my support in spirit, pity i can't just text money frm my phone, ahhhh well, soon enough.

Thank yoU!! I hope you get the game running soon. Any support is appreciated. Send me a pm at discord and I will gift you the wallpaper.

It's sounding even better then ever, still haven't got it working, but hoping to get a win 10 upgrade soon and play it once and for all, when i get access to patreon and discord, I will be investing, after all, you devote and invest your time abnd effort, love you for it.